The Vengeful Goddess

While Goddess Tithe is the first story in the published Goldstone Wood series to feature Risafeth, the vengeful "goddess" of the sea, she is a character about whom I've been writing for many years. I've even done a handful of illustrations featuring her.
Here you see her in an acrylic painting I did back in my college days. It's a bit rough, since it was only the second acrylic I'd ever done! But fairly exciting, yes?
This is an illustration from a short story I wrote in high school called, "The Hunting of Risafeth." I will not be sharing that story with you here because A) it's pretty bad, and B) it contains spoilers for future novels.
I will tell you that it was tale of two brothers whose names are Capaneus and Melesio. And I hope to someday introduce you to both of them, though not for a few books yet . . . .


  1. Capaneus! Good heavens, that name means something to me! How cool!

  2. Ohhh, looks amazing! And those names are so wonderful and dashing! Capaneus and Melesio...they just roll off the tongue!